Who we are

Region 3 Behavioral Health Services works to develop and promote Nebraska’s public behavioral health system for twenty-two counties in central and south central Nebraska by contracting with and managing a network of community-based behavioral health providers. The system offers a comprehensive array of prevention, treatment and recovery support services for individuals across the life span experiencing a behavioral health challenge while focusing on the support of wellbeing, resiliency, recovery, and quality of life.

Region 3 Behavioral Health Services is a nationally accredited organization built upon the core values of a Recovery Oriented System of Care that calls for services to be trauma-informed, culturally responsive, community-based, co-occurring disorders capable, and incorporates person and family-centered and self-directed approaches to care that build upon the strengths and resilience of individuals and families. Our mission is to foster recovery and resiliency for individuals and their families who experience a behavioral health challenge.

Region 3 Behavioral Health Services recently received the 2023 Governor’s Wellness Award, more specifically the Sower Award.  This award was created to encourage all business in Nebraska to offer wellness and health programs for their employees.

The Region 3 Behavioral Health Services Network

Region 3 manages a network of behavioral health organizations that provide a comprehensive array of mental health and/or substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery services. Every aspect of the Region 3 Network supports high quality services that promote recovery for adults and resiliency for children, prevents problem behaviors across an individual’s life span, and facilitates community competency, leadership and partnership. 

The Region 3 Network is committed to operating within a trauma-informed organizational culture that offers enhanced collaboration and networking opportunities for all Network Providers and system stakeholders resulting in individuals and families experiencing healthier, happier, and more meaningful lives.

Our Service Area

We serve 22 counties in Central and South Central Nebraska covering approximately 15,000 square miles with a population of approximately 223,000 which is approximately 13% of the state’s population.

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