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The purpose of the Professional Partner Program is to assist youth and young adults with behavioral health needs and their families access needed services in or near the community in which they live.  The Professional Partner Program uses the Wraparound Approach identify, access and utilize services and supports to meet the youth, young adult and their family’s needs by building a team dedicated to provide flexible, nontraditional and unconditional care. This team consists of individuals who know the youth, young adult and family best and are willing to work to help them have a better life.

What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is a family driven, strength-based, solution focused planning and problem solving process. It is individualized, which means that every youth, young adult and/or family gets a unique plan that fits them and their beliefs and values, not the cookie cutter plan that everybody else gets. Strength-based means that Wraparound plans help you build on what is working in your life instead of focusing exclusively on what isn’t. Family driven means that the plan is centered on you, your whole family and your choices. Wraparound helps families achieve important changes by helping them meet their unmet needs (Eileen Mary Grealish, M.Ed.).

Professional Partner Program Overview

The Professional Partner Program serves consumers that reside within the twenty two counties of Region 3.  On this website you will find information related to the Traditional Professional Partner Program, the Transitional Professional Partner Program, and the COOP for Success.  For more detailed eligibility criteria see…

The Professional Partner Program is strength-based, embraces a family-centered philosophy and acknowledges families as equal partners. It promotes utilization of the least restrictive, least intrusive developmentally appropriate interventions in accordance with the strengths and needs of the youth or young adult and their family within the most normalized environment.

The program utilizes specific methods for moving toward an interagency system of care by developing referral sources, collaborative working relationships, and integration and coordination with families and public and private child serving systems. The mix, intensity, duration and location of services and supports are individually tailored to meet the unique needs of each youth or young adult, and his/her family.

The program also holds the belief that as the needs of a youth or young adult become more complex, the interventions, services and supports they receive will become more individualized. Services and supports are culturally competent and tailored to the unique values and needs of the youth or young adult and  family.

The Professional Partner Program has an unconditional commitment to continually readjust the service design and delivery to find what ever is needed to help the youth, young adult and family experience a better life.  When things do not go well, the youth or young adult are not "kicked out", but rather, the individualized services and supports are evaluated, adjusted and if need be, changed through a team based approach.

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