Regional Governing Board Supporting Meeting Material:


August 25, 2017

Alternative Compliance Requests for FY18

Capacity & Wait List

Executive Committee Information

FY17 Region 3 Contract Transfers

Network Administration & System Coordination Summary

Program Summary

Provider Financial Activity Report

Shortful Comparing FY18 to FY17 Utilization

Strategic Plan Handout - 2 slides to a page

Strategic Plan Power Point

Examples for Annual Audit Overview August 2016


June 23, 2017

Alternative Compliance Request for FY18

Amendment One 06-2017, FY Region 3 Subaward

FY17 Contract Transfer 05-11-17

FY17 Contract Transfer 06-12-17

Networ Administration & System Coordination Summary

Provider Financial Activity Report

R3 BHS Youth Mobile Crisis Response

R3 Mental Health Program Summary

Service Purchased Unit Verification Letter


April  28, 2017

April 11, 2017 Contract Transfer FY17

Comparison of FY18 FundingBudget vs. FY17 Funding

FY18  Budget Summary Tab 10-a

FY18  Budget Summary Tab 10-b

FY18  Budget Summary Tab 10-c

FY18 County Tax Match $15,000

FY18 County Tax Match $20,000

March 10, 2017 Contract Trasfer FY17

Mental Health Program Summary Finacial

Provider Financial Activity Report


January 27, 2017

Draft FY18 Regional Budget Plan Timeline

Mental Health Program Summary


Organizational Risk Management Plan

Provider Financial Activity Report

Potential FY18 Reduction by Region

Stakeholders Satisfaction Survey Results

Youth Suicide Preention Efforts


October 28, 2016

DBH RGB Presentation

EXO Policy Review

EXO Policy Review 2

MH Program Summary

Prevention Mini Grant Information

Provider Financial Activity Report

RGB Dual Disorder Res. Services Information

RGB Executive Committee Report

RGB LR413 Legislative Task Force Information

RGB Neb. System of Care Initiative Information

BH and Probation Partnership Information


June 24, 2016

01-01 to 05-31-2016 MH Program Summary

07-15 to 05-16 MH Substance Abuse Service Program

CARF Accreditation Process

LR 413 Information

R3 Code of Ethics

RBH Authorities Emergency Stystems Report for FY2015


April 29, 2016

2016 Leg. Overview for RGB

Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Program Summary

16 Budget Plan PP

FY16 Contract Amendment #3 BHS

FY17 Budget Summary

Mental Health Program Summary

Network Admin & System Cord. Summary

Provider Financial Activity Report

Provider Network Array of Services

RGB Resolution #1

RGB Resolution #2

FY17 County Tax Match


January 22, 2016

2016 Legislative Overview

Financial Activity Report

FY16 Allocation of Additional Funding

OnTrack Central NE Brochure

Stakeholders Satisfaction Survey Results FY16 Final



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