Traditional Professional Partner Program

Continuous Quality Improvement Plan

We view the Quality Improvement Plan as an ongoing and dynamic process by which Region 3 Behavioral Health Services will evaluate how well the program is performing in terms of meeting the needs of individuals served, the satisfaction of the persons served, the effectiveness of the program, and the efficiency of the program.


  1. Youth and families admitted to the Professional Partner Program will meet eligibility criteria within 90 days of enrollment.
  2. Youth and families will have a voice, ownership, and access to a comprehensive Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP).
  3. Cost of services will not exceed an average annual case rate of $8,385 for the youth and families served in the Professional Partner 1 Program.
  4. Family satisfaction will be monitored and evaluated.
  5. The Professional Partner Program will adhere to the fidelity of wraparound to serve families with a family centered, community-oriented, individualized, and strength based approach to the coordination of services.
  6. The Youth’s Functional Impairment will decrease in the Life Domains.
  7. Risk factors for youth being placed in a more restrictive level of care will be monitored.
  8. For those youth involved in criminal offenses, the number of offenses will be reduced.
  9. For those youth enrolled in school, they will attend school on a regular basis.
  10. Youth and families admitted into the Professional Partner Program will meet discharge criteria before discharging from the program.
  11. Professional Partner Program will monitor a waiting list if the program reaches capacity.
  12. Professional Partner Program will utilize outcome assessments to evaluate family progress.

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