Emergency Community Support Program

Emergency Community Support (ERCS) Overview
The Emergency Community Support Program, as part of Region 3 Behavioral Health Administration, is responsible for providing voluntary and short term follow up services, coordination and continuity of care to individuals who have been admitted to an acute psychiatric care setting or are at risk of being admitted.  Region 3 ERCS values the individualism of each consumer and believes each consumer is an essential part of the community.  The ERCS Coordinator will assist consumer by linking them with appropriate services and/or supports to meet individualized needs.

This service is contacted through Region 3 Behavioral Health Services for individuals who reside in the following 22 counties: Adams Blaine, Buffalo, Clay, Custer, Franklin, Furnas, Garfield, Greeley, Hall, Hamilton, Harlan, Howard, Kearney, Loup, Merrick, Nuckolls, Phelps, Sherman, Valley, Webster, and Wheeler.

This short term program aims to assist transition age youth and adults who have recently experienced a mental health related crisis to achieve goals of stabilization, increased independence, and community integration. The Emergency Community Support Coordinators provide on-going support and advocacy for a period of up to twelve weeks, or as determined by individual need.

There is NO fee for Region 3 Emergency Community Support Service Coordination.

For more information contact:
Beth Reynolds, Emergency Systems Specialist
308-237-5113 X 234


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