Region 3 Programs


Professional Partner Program - Traditional

  • Assists families who have a child under the age of 21 with a serious emotional disorder.
  • Uses the wraparound process to assist families in building a team dedicated to provide flexible, non-traditional and unconditional care.
  • Ensures that families have a voice and ownership in developing an accessible, individualized Support Plan.
  • Receives referrals from families, schools, courts, HHS, county attorneys, and behavioral health providers.
  • Program Contact:  Jill Schubauer                   Extension 238


    Professional Partner Program - Transitional

  • Assists young adults aged 18 -25 who experience a behavioral health disorder.
  • Embraces a strength-based and family-centered philosophy that acknowledges the young adults as equal partners.
  • Develops a Support Plan for each person that is based upon his or her strengths and concerns.
  • Receives referrals from families, schools, courts, HHS, county attorneys, and behavioral health providers.
  • Program Contact:  Jill Schubauer                   Extension 238


    Professional Partner Program - CO-OP For Success

  • Works with at-risk students in the Grand Island area who have a mental health and/or behavioral issue.
  • Assists students to achieve meaningful employment.
  • Develops a Support Plan and uses the wraparound process to help students achieve goals.
  • Receives referrals from the Grand Island Public Schools and Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • Program Contact:  Jill Schubauer                   Extension 238


    Emergency Community Support Program (ERCS)

  • Provides voluntary and short-term follow-up services (maximum of 90 days), coordination and continuity of care to people who have been admitted to a psychiatric care setting or are at risk of being admitted.
  • Assists people who have recently experienced a mental health-related crisis to achieve goals of stabilization, increased independence and community integration.
  • Provides on-going support and advocacy for a period of up to 12 weeks or as determined by individual need.
  • Program Contact:  Beth Reynolds                  Extension 234


    Emergency Community Support Program (ERCS) Jail Services  

  • Promotes stabilization and recovery for people admitted to the Buffalo County Jail and are experiencing mental health and/or addiction issues.
  • Supports the transition of consumers into the community and coordinates with Justice Programs.
  • Promotes communication and collaboration between other providers and family members.
  • Prepares a Strength-Based Assessment, Safety Plan and Individual Program Plan with each consumer.
  • Program Contact:  Beth Reynolds                  Extension 234


    Emergency Community Support Program (ERCS) Youth Services

  • Assists people 25 years of age or younger who have been admitted to psychiatric care or at risk of being admitted.
  • Prepares a Strength-Based Assessment, Safety Plan and Individualized Program Plan with each consumer.
  • Provides coordination with supportive family and/or legal guardians.
  • Promotes stabilization and recovery and helps with referrals to other services and supports.
  • Program Contact:  Beth Reynolds                  Extension 234


    Prevention System Coordination

  • Provides leadership, support, and technical assistance to providers and community

    coalitions who implement prevention programs.

  • Provides a wide variety of substance abuse prevention materials such as brochures and booklets to communities and organizations at little or no cost.
  • Provides annual, mini-grant funding to communities for “seed” money to start programs and build comprehensive community approaches for substance abuse prevention.
  • Program Contact:  Tiffany Gressley               Extension 237


    Housing Assistance Program

  • Provides rental assistance for adults who are low income and experience a serious mental illness to obtain safe and decent housing at an affordable cost.  Assistance is also available for utility payments, security and utility deposits and other housing related costs.
  • Provides housing vouchers for a 12-month period with an annual cap of $6,000 per person to those who qualify.
  • Assists people who are not capable of independent living without behavioral health services and supports in order to live successfully in the community.
  • Develops an Individual Service Plan for consumers with a goal of independent living.
  • Accepts referrals from behavioral health service providers.
  • Program Contact:  Regional Housing Program Coordinator Phone: (308) 237-5113 ext.243 or 1-800-321-4981


    Consumer Advocacy

  • Serves as an advocate and liaison to consumers who experience behavioral health challenges.
  • Leads people toward wellness and recovery from mental illness, substance abuse, or problem gambling.
  • Program Contact:  Tammy Fiala                    Extension 235

    Emergency System Coordination

  • Ensures that behavioral health agencies are working together toward the same goals.
  • Helps consumers transition between levels of care in the Behavioral Health System.
  • Forms relationships with Behavioral Health agencies and Disaster Response agencies to respond appropriately in the event of a disaster.
  • Program Contact:  Beth Reynolds                  Extension 234

    Youth System of Care Coordination

  • Works closely with youth and families, service providers, community leaders, education and judicial representatives to foster collaboration among people and agencies.
  • Employs core values and guiding principles to improve the design and delivery of services for children and adolescents with behavioral health disorders.
  • Program Contact:  Jill Schubauer                   Extension 238

    Network Coordination

  • Assists in developing, implementing and evaluating behavioral health needs, goals and programs.
  • Helps ensure that the behavioral health system operates in an effective and coordinated manner.
  • Conducts annual unit audits and a programmatic review process for contracting providers within the Region 3 Network.
  • Manages the Region 3 Network Directory.
  • Program Contact:  Melinda Farritor              Extension 225

    Fiscal Management

  • Provides contract monitoring, tracking of outcomes and performance standards and fiscal and programmatic reviews of network providers to ensure effective and efficient use of public resources.
  • Provides accounts payable and accounts receivable services.
  • Coordinates Region 3 employee benefit packages and processes payroll.
  • Program Contact:  Randy McCall                   Extension 223

    Operations Team

  • Provides front desk coverage by greeting visitors and answering the phone.
  • Maintains inventory of office supplies.
  • Maintains the Region 3 library resources.
  • Provides administrative support to Region 3 staff.
  • Serves as contact to building manager.
  • Program Contact:  Tammy Burgeson             Extension 253

    Evaluation and Quality Management

  • Works to achieve ongoing improvement and maintain quality services.
  • Tracks outcomes and performance standards of network providers.
  • Sends Satisfaction Questionnaires to participating families and compiles results to evaluate services.
  • Program Contact:  Ann Tvrdik                                    Extension 255


    Human Resources

  • Coordinates organizational strategic planning.
  • Develops Region 3 policies and procedures.
  • Coordinates staff recruitment and hiring.
  • Assists in preparation and presentation of training programs.
  • Processes and maintains personnel-related documents.

    Program Contact:  Kay Glidden                      Extension 224


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