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Compliance Plan Overview - Complete Compliance Document (Word)

Region 3 Behavioral Health Services (Region 3) is committed to consumers, employees, contractual providers, and the community to ensure business is conducted with integrity, in compliance with the requirements of applicable laws and sound business practices, and with the highest standards of excellence.

The Compliance Plan (“The Plan”) of Region 3 is designed to prevent, detect, and correct any instances of noncompliance with applicable federal and state law and program requirements set out in federal and state programs. Every employee at Region 3 has important responsibilities identified in The Plan, including a duty to report any compliance concerns as explained in The Plan.

The Plan is also designed to be consistent with the Federal Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General Compliance Program Guidelines. As regulatory guidance and applicable laws change, The Plan will be modified as necessary to incorporate these changes. The Plan is to be reviewed on an annual basis by the Compliance Committee. The outcome of said review will be forwarded to the Regional Administrator for approval. Amendments will be submitted to the Region 3 Governing Board by the Compliance Officer and the Regional Administrator for approval.  


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