Regional Governing Board Supporting Meeting Material:



May 27, 2022

FY22 YTD Program Summary Report 4-30-22

FY23 15% Rate Increase Effective 7-01-22

FY23 County Match Return on Investment

R3 Provider Network One-Time Emergency Funding 5-27-22

Region 3 988 Crisis Service Delivery Funding by Category FY23

R3 FY23 System Enhancement Plan for RGB 5-27-22

Regional Administrator Transition Process


March 25, 2022

Network Expenditures 2.28.22

Region 3 BHS FY23 Regional Budget Plan Presentation

Annual Audit Report FY20-21

FY22 R3  Network QI Plan - Performance Measures - 2nd Quarter Results

R3 Service Utilization Trends 3-1-22

FY22 Semi-Annual Report of Service Denials, Ineligibles

DRAFT Region 3 BHS RFI for Detoxification Services

BHAC-RGB FY23 Budget Presentation 3.23.22

FY23 County Tax Match

Reg 3 FY22-FY23 Reinvestment Strategies


January 28, 2022


Year-to-Date Region 3 Financial Activity Report through 12.31.21


Annual Audit Report FY20-21

Mobile Crisis Response Alternative Compliance

2022 Region 3 Stakeholder Survey


October 22, 2021

Buffalo County Co-Responder Program Update

FY21 R3  Network QI Plan - Performance Measures Annual Report

FY22 Contract Ratifications

FY22 Provider Network Financial Activity Report

FY22 Year-to-Date Network Expenditures 9.30.21

Hall County Co-Responder Update RGB 10-22-21

October 2021 Service Utilization Trends

Outpatient Competency Restoration Overview

Region 3 EPC Hospital Contracts Effective 11-01-21

Region 3 Network Compass-EZ Report

TIC Assessment Comparison Report of R3 Network FY17 FY19  FY21


August 27, 2021

FY21 Network Expenditures 6.30.21

Region 3 Adult Consumer Satisfaction Survey Results 8-21

Light of hope 2021 Flyer final

FY21 Provider Financial Activity Report

FY22 Contracts Docusign-for RGB ratification 8.27.21

FY22 Provider Contract Amounts 7-29-21

FY21 Region 3 Training Program Totals

Hybrid Work Policy and Acknowledgement 8-2021

Region 3 New COVID-19 Protocol August 2021



R3 Service Utilization Trends 8-02-21 (2)

FY21 R3  Network QI Plan - Performance Measures 4th Qtr results & Enhancements & R3 Specific Services

Co-Responder Proposal Recommendation for RGB 8-27-21


May 28, 2021

Region 3 Conflict of Interest Statement - RGB & BHAC

FY21 R3 Network Expenditures Report 4-30-21

FY21 Contracts Docusign-for RGB ratification

Medicaid Expansion Rpt from 10-01-20 thru 05-06-21

Alternative Compliance RGB overview - approval of Goodwill SCBB Live WelL Families CARE 5-28-21

R3 Active Consumer Report 5-3-21

FY21 R3  Network QI Plan - Performance Measures 3rd Qtr results

Cultural Responsiveness Survey Results FY21 5-15-21

CLAS Matrix results FY21

Co-Responder Overview for RGB 5-28-21

The Sequential Intercept Model

Reg 3 Training Program


March 26, 2021

Review of Open Meetings Act Executive Order No. 21-02 Coronavirus - CONTINUED LIMITED WAIVER OF PUBLIC mEETING REQUIREMENTS EO 20-36

Region 3 Conflict of Interest Statement - RGB & BHAC

Div of Behavioral Health Presentation - FY20-RGB_Region3_ Public_FINAL

FY21 Year-to-Date Program Summary Report 2.28.21

Contract Ratification - Budget Shift

Region 3 BHS FY22 Regional Budget Plan Presentation

Region 3 FY21 Stakeholder Survey Report

RGB-BHAC FY22 vs FY21 Budget Presentation


January 22, 2021


RGB Contract Ratifications for 1.22.21


Region 3 Annual Report 2020

FY20 Units Needed to Audit  Schedule 1-30-20

Region 3 FY20 Annual Audit Report

R3 Stakeholder Survey FY21

2021 Legislative Report

Review of Open Meetings Act Executive Order No. 21-02 Coronavirus - Continued Limited Waiver of Public Meeting Requirements EO 20-360


August 28, 2020

FY2020 Region 3 Year-End Program Summary Report

FY21 Network Provider Contract Amounts

FY21 Contracts Docusign-for RGB ratification

Nebraska Strong Recovery Grants Update

Region 3 Service Utilization Trends

FY20 Region 3 Network Key Performance Measures Report

app for use of facility-ESU 10 08-28-2020

RBHA COVID-19 Communication 3-18-2020


May 22, 2020

Region 3 QI Data July - Dec. 2019

RGB FY21 vs FY20 Presentation 5-22-2020

FY21 Regional Budget Plan Overview

FY20 YTD Program Summary Report as of 4-30-20

R3 RGB Contract Ratifications 5-22-20

FY20 Special County Match Over Produced Units

Region 3 FY20 Over-Produced Units 4-30-20

FY21 County Match Contributions

FY 21 County Match Contributions based on 2019 Est. Census Data

FY21 Alternative Complicance Requests


January 24, 2020

Annual Report FY19

Region 3 Active Consumer Report 1-02-20

Region 3 Organizational Risk Management Report 10-2019

Alternative Compliance Request for Families CARE

Conflict of Interest Policy Review and Statement

FY20 Contract Ratifications

FY20 Year-to Date Region 3 Financial Activity Report

FY20 Year-to-Date Program Summary Report


Region 3 BHS Network Directory full version 1-8-20

Stakeholder Survey FY20

Waitlist Report FY20 01-20-2020


October 25, 2019

R3 Strategic Plan 2019-20

CARF Accreditation Executive Summary 2019

REVISED R3 SOC Proposed Budget Request for Yr 4 8-12-19

Contract Ratifications 10-25-2019

FY19 Independent CPA Audit Report

FY20 Budget Shift 10-15-2019

FY20 R3  Network QI Plan - Performance Measures 1st Qtr

FY20 Year-To-Date Region 3 Financial Activity Report

Program Summary Report through 09-30-2019

R3 Active Consumer Report 10-01-19


August 23, 2019

Active Conumers by Month Trended - Aug 2019

Annual Audit Report FY19

Contract_ServicePaymentDetails_Consolidated 6-30-19

Copy of FY18 Contract  Utilization by Provider

DBH Presentation 08-23-2019

Example 1 FY19 Units Needed to Audit  Schedule 5-28-19

Example 2 The Bridge ltr FY19

Example 3 Record Audit for Therapeutic Community Services

Example 4 Programmatic Review Checklist Chptr 5

Example 5 SAPTBG Program Fidelity Review

Example 5A Interim Waitlist Packet

Example 5B Substance Abuse Assessment Checklist

Example 6 BRIDGE Timelines

Example 6 NPEMS Documentation Checklist 8-8-19

Example 6 PEI BRIDGE 6-25-19

Example 6 PEI The Bridge Inc Program Plan Verification

Example 7 Bridge audit narrative FY19

FY19 Jan-Jun Employment at Discharge chart

FY19 Jan-Jun Stable Living at Discharge (ANY service) chart

FY19 Jan-Jun Stable Living at Discharge (Residential) chart

FY19 Jan-Jun Stable Living at Discharge (Supported Housing) chart 

FY20 RE- REVISED Tax Match 08-23-2019 

R3 active consumers by provider & service 8-1-19

RGB Provider Financial Activity Report FY19


June 21, 2019

CARF - National Accreditation Overview

FY19 Active Consumers by Month Trended - June

FY19 Year-to-Date Program Summary Report

FY20 Tax Matchs

MAT info sheet 06-21-2019

Nebraska Strong RecoveryBrochure

R3 active consumers by provider  service 6-3-19


March 22, 2019

FY20 R3 Provider Network Performance Measures

Final FY20 R3 Provider Network Performance Measures

Impact of Budget Cuts on Nebraska's BehavioralHealth System 3.2.19


FY19 July-Dec 2018 Employment at discharge R3

FY19 Region 3 Funding Sources

FY19 Year-to-Date Program Summary Report

FY20 Budget Summary BH-10a

FY20 County Match Contributions

FY20 Provider Network Array of Services

Motion to Approve FY20 Regional Budget Plan

Region 3 Conflict of Interst Policy and Form

Stakeholders Survey Results FY19


January 25, 2019

Annual Report

FY19 Contract Shift 12-2018 Date

FY19 Contract Shift

FY19 Year to Date Financial Activity Report

FY19 Year to Date Program Summary Report

FY20 Revised RBP Timeline & Approval Process

Governing Board Report 1-16-19

Medicaid Expansion 1-25-19

Network Accreditation

R3 RGB Stakeholder Survey FY19

Region3 Conflict Of Interest Policy & Form

Region3 Consumer Satisfaction Survey Report


October 26, 2018

Audit Report RJ Meyer & Assoc

Region Budget Shift Form

Network Provider Contract Funding Amount FY19

Region3 Fiscal Program Activity Report

Region3 Fiscal Program Summary

Region3 Organizational Risk Management Plan Sept 2018

Youth & Family System Of Care


August 24, 2018

Audit Example 1

Audit Example 2

Audit Example 3

Audit Example 4

Audit Example 5

Audit Example 5A

Audit Example 5B

Audit Example 6

Audit Example 6A

Audit Example 6B

Audit Example 6C

Audit Example 7

Audit Example 7A

Audit Report FY18 Annual

Audit Scoring Form

Division of Behavior Health Power Point

Fiscal Program Summary

Fiscal Provider Activity Report

Opioid Leaflet

Region 3 FY19 Provider Network Chart

Youth Crisis Response FY18


June 22, 2018

Fiscal Program Summary Report

Fiscal Program Activity Report

FY18DBH Region Budget shift Form

Nebraska's State Targeted  Response to Opioids Grant

PPP Annual Services Purchased Audit Report

Region 3 Crisis Response for Youth

Region 3 Estimated Service Cost Per County

Region 3 Youth Crisis Response FYTD

Resolution Draft

Resolution Signed


April 20, 2018

Alternative Compliance Request

County Tax Match FY29

DBH Budget Shift Form

Fiscal Program Summary

Fiscal Provider Activity Report

FY19 Budget Summary BH-10a

FY19 Budget Summary BH-10c

FY19 Budget Summary BH-10b

Policy - Drug Free Workplace

Policy - Incident

Policy - Sick Leave

Provider Network Array of Services

Reasonable Cause Form

Resolution 1

Return to Work Agreement


January 26, 2018

FY17 Provider Outcome Measurements Summary Report

FY19 Regional Budget Plan Timeline

R3 Consumer Survey 2017

FY18 Program Summary

R3 Provider Financial Activity Report

R3 SA Prevention Community Partnership Mini Grants 2018

Stakeholders Satisfaction Survey Resultes FY2017 & 2018

Structure & Governance Diagram

System of Care 1st Year Financial Report

System of Care 2018 Training Calendar

System of Care Quarterly Report

System of Care Year 2 Proposed Budget

Trauma Informed Care Assessment Summary FY17

October 27, 2017

Provider Financial Activity Report

R3 Executive Board Policy Reviews

R3 Program Summary July to September 2017

Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey

DBH Region Budget Shift Form

August 25, 2017

Alternative Compliance Requests for FY18

Capacity & Wait List

Executive Committee Information

FY17 Region 3 Contract Transfers

Network Administration & System Coordination Summary

Program Summary

Provider Financial Activity Report

Shortful Comparing FY18 to FY17 Utilization

Strategic Plan Handout - 2 slides to a page

Strategic Plan Power Point

Examples for Annual Audit Overview August 2016


June 23, 2017

Alternative Compliance Request for FY18

Amendment One 06-2017, FY Region 3 Subaward

FY17 Contract Transfer 05-11-17

FY17 Contract Transfer 06-12-17

Networ Administration & System Coordination Summary

Provider Financial Activity Report

R3 BHS Youth Mobile Crisis Response

R3 Mental Health Program Summary

Service Purchased Unit Verification Letter


April  28, 2017

April 11, 2017 Contract Transfer FY17

Comparison of FY18 FundingBudget vs. FY17 Funding

FY18  Budget Summary Tab 10-a

FY18  Budget Summary Tab 10-b

FY18  Budget Summary Tab 10-c

FY18 County Tax Match $15,000

FY18 County Tax Match $20,000

March 10, 2017 Contract Trasfer FY17

Mental Health Program Summary Finacial

Provider Financial Activity Report


January 27, 2017

Draft FY18 Regional Budget Plan Timeline

Mental Health Program Summary


Organizational Risk Management Plan

Provider Financial Activity Report

Potential FY18 Reduction by Region

Stakeholders Satisfaction Survey Results

Youth Suicide Preention Efforts


October 28, 2016

DBH RGB Presentation

EXO Policy Review

EXO Policy Review 2

MH Program Summary

Prevention Mini Grant Information

Provider Financial Activity Report

RGB Dual Disorder Res. Services Information

RGB Executive Committee Report

RGB LR413 Legislative Task Force Information

RGB Neb. System of Care Initiative Information

BH and Probation Partnership Information


June 24, 2016

01-01 to 05-31-2016 MH Program Summary

07-15 to 05-16 MH Substance Abuse Service Program

CARF Accreditation Process

LR 413 Information

R3 Code of Ethics

RBH Authorities Emergency Stystems Report for FY2015


April 29, 2016

2016 Leg. Overview for RGB

Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Program Summary

16 Budget Plan PP

FY16 Contract Amendment #3 BHS

FY17 Budget Summary

Mental Health Program Summary

Network Admin & System Cord. Summary

Provider Financial Activity Report

Provider Network Array of Services

RGB Resolution #1

RGB Resolution #2

FY17 County Tax Match


January 22, 2016

2016 Legislative Overview

Financial Activity Report

FY16 Allocation of Additional Funding

OnTrack Central NE Brochure

Stakeholders Satisfaction Survey Results FY16 Final



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